By Atsushi Funahashi

The #MeToo movement never really took root in Japan. Workplace sexual harassment is still rampant in all echelons of society. In 2018, a young woman working as a receptionist at a well-known hotel chain was harassed by her superior. 

Desperate for a break from the social media backlash and nasty comments online, a few staff members, including the young woman, travel to a company retreat by the sea. But the group dynamics quickly devolve into hatred and resentment, compromising any comradeship they may have had.
Japan ranks 121st in gender equality, one of the UN’s top 5 Sustainable Development Goals. This documentary-style film depicting an actual event shows that sexual harassment affects not only the victim and the perpetrator but everyone around them.    

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Director BIO 
His echoes (2001) won 3 jury & audience awards at Annonay IFF, France. Big River (2006) was selected for Berlin, Busan, Karlovy Vary, Shanghai, etc. "Deep in the Valley(2009)", "Nuclear Nation I & II ", and "Cold Bloom (2013)" are all premiered at Berlinale and released worldwide. Portuguese co-pro. “LOVERS ON BORDERS” won Best Foreign Language Film Award at London Independent Film Awards. 
DCOP/Japan/Black & White/stereo/16:9/English sub/135m/2020